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TIP!Check your home countrys customs rules before buying food souvenirs in Thailand bringing random, sticky food back is obviously a terrible idea for Australians.

Thai silk scarf thebest makeup to wear in Thailand

For serious clothes shopping, youll find amazing boutiques pretty much everywhere  with particularly large selections in Bangkok and the Central department stores of any Central Festival mall nationwide locations include Phuket, Chiang Mai, Koh Samui, etc.

Head to north to Chiang Mai for beautiful furniture, carvings and antiques. Chiang Mai is renowned as the furniture capital of Thailand much of it teak and intricately carved. Just browsing is tremendous fun but, if something catches your eye, every shop is ready to assist in international shipping.

While Western brands of alcohol especially wine and champagne are taxed heavily in Thailand and are thereforeextremelyexpensive, the local options are worth taking home. On Koh Samui youll want to findMagic Alambic rum locally made on the island in a variety of flavours. Its a delicious souvenir if it lasts that long. Find it at its Samui distillery, and at some hotel gift shops. Phukets answer to local rum is Chalong Bay. As well, recall your vourite holiday hangover with some Sang Som Thai whiskey.

Youll get better service while shopping in Thailand if youre dressed appropriately especially in Bangkoks glitzy malls. Use this guide to find out how the right clothes mean youll stay comforle in the heatandace cultural norms.

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Clockwise from coconut wood tray, coconut wood swizzle sticks, coconut candle, coconut oil and coconut shampoo.

In general, if you love clothes shopping, I recommend you give yourself plenty of time just to browse. What about your bored boyperson? Most Thai malls have movie theatres inside and play current Hollywood releases, so its easy to keep unenthusiastic shopping buddies entertained while you take a few hours to browse.

Ready to shop? Thailand is waiting to sell you manymonies designer goods, silks, antiques, snacks and souvenirs and Tshirts galore. Whether you want to browse night markets, floating markets or absolutely freezing luxury malls bring your shopping stamina to Thailand.Some links below include affiliates.

If youre in a rush, supermarkets in tourist hubs tend to have a decent selection of stocking stuffer souvenirs key chains, coin purses and small tokens to bring back to the office.

If your feet are bigger than Thai U.S. or Euro / for women, and slightly larger for men, youll struggle to find shoes that fit in Thailand. While Thailand has great shopping, bring all your shoes from home these arethe kinds of shoes youll need for Thailand.

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TIP!Though youll find Buddha statues for sale pretty much everywhere, neither statues nor s of Buddha can legally be taken out of Thailand. See a few moredos and dontsfor your time in Thailand and you wont have any bad surprises.

Thailand is a great destination for gem shopping and an evenbetterplace to vacuum up cheap costume jewellery. Beach vendors do a brisk trade in beaded jewellery bracelets, necklaces, etc. They can make a nice memento of a happy day.

You could spend the rest of your life shopping in Bangkok, no joke. As such, nothing we say could come close to the extreme level of expertise available inNancy Chandlers Map of Bangkoka labour of love that her team have continually updated over [!!!] editions. On your Kindle, refer toBangkok Shopping Made Easy.

Thailand hasgreatclothes shopping especially if youre Thai. Youll even find shops worth your time at tourist attractions and outside temples. Thailand is a country whereappearance matters very much and shopping is aseriousnational hobby.

As for Koh Samui, for the islands very best shopping and souvenir ideas and where to park your husband/person,The Koh Samui Guide as always is ready to help.

Besides food, accessory shopping is especially fun in Thailand. Beautiful scarves and oneofakind handbags here you come. To boys, its pretty useless stuff. Wounded, Id add a comma but this is accessorybuying at its best. You dontneedthese things, but you really, really want them.

Koh Samui and Koh Phangan both have shops that offer affordable custom jewellery designs, plus tons of suily Thai pieces elephants charms/pendants, etc.

A Thai phrasebookmany Thai shopkeepers speak good English, but this might help when your requests or colour preferences get a little random

Find bright colours as only the tropics can offer with Thai silk products including clothing, ties and scarves, cushions and pillows, lecloths and lerunners, bags and wallets, and more

Night markets are an obvious choice but dont skip your hotel gift shop. While the prices are never competitive, Ive found some real treasures in Samui gift shops.

To love every minute of your Thailand shopping experience, youll want to stay comforle and healthy in strong heat, stay safe from Thailands mosquitoes they use the floating market canals as their World Headquarters. Stash the above in your bag for that inevile moment when youre going to melt and die and evaporate all at once.

The very best Thai silk comes fromJim Thompson shops, with locations throughout Thailand including at his former home  now a museum as well as Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport.

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In addition to its furniture shops, Chiang Mais Night Bazaar is also a ntastic shopping spot to visit and the available food stalls make it worthwhile for unenthusiastic browsers too. We refer you again to the knowing hands of Nancy Chandler Maps. TheirMap of Chiang Maiwill take you from teak to temple to Thai handicrafts.

Put it in your pocketBaggu pocket shopping bag

Pretty lights? In shops and at markets across the country youll see a particularly pretty piece of Thailand lamps, lanterns and iry lights. The terra cotta lanterns above might max out your luggage allowance, but theres plenty ofpackable pretty.

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Once you start looking, youll often find Balinese as well as Thai furniture and carvings like these statues.

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Coconut oil is available throughout Thailand anywhere there are tourists youll find bottles for sale with English labels. If you leave your hotel but once, it will find you. Coconut oil is rightly very trendy these days use it in your cooking, in your beauty regime, and head home very happy. Outside of hotel gift shops, a high price tends to indicate higher quality and most packaging will be in English to tell you whether its cooking grade or for external use only.

Keep your eyes open for aPomeloshop  theyre a beloved Thai shion brand with pretty workwear, exercise gear and dressy basics, at similar prices to Zara.

Jewellery and Thai curry packets from Samui get more shopping tips inThe Koh Samui Guide

Phukets Chalong Bay rum and Koh Samuis Magic Alambic rum

TIP!Coconut bath products are widely available, but make sure tobring these toiletriesfrom home.

In Thailand, and on Koh Samui in particular, you can find absolutely anything you want from a coconut or never knew you wanted. Koh Samuis coconuts are said to be the best in Thailand. If youre keen to support local trade on Samui that would be coconuts. Before tourism, they were the islands main industry. Really,anythingcan be made from a coconut

Tourist hubs like Phuket and Koh Samui have many by request art shops you can buy reproductions, originals, even get a portrait of your pet made from a photograph.

Oh you lucky pups. The female half of our duo shares the best things to buy in Thailand. Heres a long list of ways to spend your money in Thailand. Ready? Wallets out!

Otherwise, for smaller feet, its easy to find Western brandname shoes but as imports theyre often more expensive than at home. As with clothes shopping, the shoe choice in Thailand is by and large for Thaid people only. If youre petite or have small feet, youll enjoy browsing! For the rest of us take solace imported shoe brands are much more expensive in Thailand than on the likes of Amazon. Id stop short of buying ke footwear its not much fun to get stranded barefoot because your cheap flipflops died. Which they will, in days or less.

Clockwise from top left mini temple bells, carved soap yep, thats *actually* soap, fuzzy keychains and stone mortal and pestles

mosquitorepelling braceletshand sanitizer sprayGoodWipesinvisibobble hair band

Jim Thompson silk products top our Thai wishlist, but theres plenty of looks silkyish stuff available at market stalls, beach vendors and even Tesco. Choose between cushion covers, le mats and runners, bed spreads, etc.

Why the antitheft bag? Purely peace of mind. While Thailand doesnt have the notorious pickpocket problems of many European destinations and we ourselves *knock on wood* have never experienced theft in Thailand, its all about your peaceofmind while youre distracted doing other things. If youre headed to especially busy shopping spots like night markets, youll definitely want to be as prudent as possible with your valuables. There are occasional reports of pickpockets and pursesnatchings in Thailands busiest spots, like Bangkoks main temples.

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In addition to coconut oil, youll also find scented candles and essential oils from plants and flowers youve never heard of Dork phud is an obvious musthave. Newly addicted to Tiger Balm? Its probably cheaper in Thailand. Some vourites that you can easily buy in Thailand include

While you explore Thailand, look out for shops or products labelledOTOP. Its short for One Tambon district One Product, and confirms that the item in question is handmade in Thailand not by a machine in China. If you leave your shopping to the very last minute, theres a nice OTOP shop in the international departures terminal at Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport.Manyemergency birthday presents have come from there.

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The truly random and totally bizarre side of souvenir shopping. Of course, some of its crap, but thats largely the delight in souvenirs, no? Rest assured, Thailand will happily sell you things pretty things, shiny things, evenfoottall scrapmetal robots at every price level. As for carved trinkets, youre in the right place. Find soap carvings, leather carvings every kind of carvings.

Electrolyte drink sfor shopping stamina in Thailands heat

Are you considering just bringing an empty suitcase to Thailand and buying all your vacation clothes when you arrive? Hold that thought. While I understand the minimalist appeal, what happens if youre jetlagged and dont feel like shopping? If you cant find anything in your ? If its a national holiday and shops are shut? Instead, get the most out of your Thailand*shopportunities*by arriving prepared.

Arrive with all your basics, then enjoy shopping as a fun activity rather than a necessity.

Finally dont forget the rule of shopping anywhere Comfy shoes! Wearingsandals made fromyoga matsa!!, you might be so comfy you can make it round all , stalls at Chatuchak Weekend Market.

Dried durian? Rambutan jam? Coconut candy? Find a vourite and stock up! Like to cook? Get your fill of sealed Thai curry packets, and spices in bulk cinnamon sticks to last a lifetime.

Make sure to pack a few key things from home including some everyday toiletries that can be hard to find. For a shoppingheavy itinerary, make especially sure to pack

Comfy shopping shoesyour feet will swell in the heat!

Yes, theres tourist tat in abundance and Singha singlets to be found everywhere. Though youll probably want to bring the bulk of your clothing from home, if you need to fill in a gap orreallyneed ke CK boxers its easily done. Avoid buying ke sunglasses Thailands sunshine means business! Bring quality sunglasses with genuine UVA/B protection for your pretty little eyeballs.

One of my vourite basic clothing shops in Thailand isAIIZA to Z. Its great for basics like shorts and tshirts sort of like Gap but at Thai prices. Again, like Gap, youll find a store in every mall in buyThe Best Things to Buy in Thailand

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